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Bridging the Gap through Effective Communication

In the corporate world, many highly skilled professionals are known for their wealth of technical knowledge and ability to deliver invaluable products and services. However, for years technically skilled professionals have also been known for “working in the background”. When there is a need to communicate pertinent information to upper management or stakeholders, these are the best people for the job.  Unfortunately though having the right knowledge, there’s also a feeling of inadequacy that results in shying away from the task. This is due to several reasons which may include:

  • Underdeveloped leadership and communication skills
  • Lack of experience
  • Inability to translate technically specific terms into solutions understood by business partners 

Combining her Technology, Public Speaking, Training and Coaching skills, Nicole Calhoun, offers professional development  training and coaching services that is specific to leadership growth and effective communicating. 

Through training and coaching, Nicole helps business professionals achieve their leadership development and communication goals. Contact Nicole now to find out how she can help you!


"Personally, I learn so much from Nicole as a mentor and collaborator.  She gives excellent, achievable advice about rehearsing: record yourself to help you memorize your speeches and pay particular attention to the transitions within the parts of the speech.

Nicole is a shining example to those she mentors and anyone that hears her speak - always in her most authentic, compelling voice."
 Tressa Nissankarao, AVP

"Nicole guided me every step of the way on how I should present myself and how to organize speeches and deliver them. 

Thank you so much Nicole for mentoring and to guiding me every step of the way to improve by public speaking skills." Sai Boorlagadda, VP

"Nicole is an excellent speaker.  She carries herself with dignity and grace.  I enjoyed attending her class on personal growth.  The information provided by her and in the book can be applied to my life and improve myself.  The other participants were a joy to listen to and interact with about our different stories of life.  I would recommend her class to anyone really interested in stepping into the next level.", Yvonne Moore, Technologist

"This session was eye opener to me. After attending the session, I was able to focus my energy and mind to one direction without confusion. Your session is truly inspiration to me and it is very important if we want to say focused to achieve our goal. Thanks", AB, Financial Professional





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